General information

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Printfile requirements

All printfiles should not have bleed or cut marks.

Have your customer received a faulty or wrong product?

If a package is delivered in a poor condition or the customer has received a wrong product, please send an e-mail about this to

If any of the products are broken upon delivery, please send images of the following:

  • Broken item(s)
  • The outer surfaces of the package
  • The inner protection of the package

This is necessary for us to receive a compensation for the broken items, which makes it possible for us to send the new items free of charge.

If we do not receive this material we will not be able to provide the new items for free and you will be charged like it was a regular order.

FTP guide

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What is FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol and is a tool to transfer files from one place to another.
We recommend using FileZilla FTP Client.

Download links:

FTP credentials to connect to your folder:
User: sent via mail
Password: sent via mail
Port (if required): 21

We do not currently provide a secure connection to our server.
You can accept this and then you’re conected/logged in to your folder where you can see all files we have from you.

You can

  • upload new files
  • download old files
  • delete existing files
  • rename the files and update (by overwriting) the old files

How do I do?

When you’re connected you’ll see your own personal folder containing the print files we have from you.

When uploading new files you can drag’n’drop that file to the ”remote server”.
The file will the be uploaded directly to the printfiles we have access to.

Downloading the files is somewhat similar, you can just drag from the remote server to your own computer.

Printfile requirements

All printfiles should not have bleed or cut marks.
We print all files 1:1 which means the size should match the desired size (the one that are declared in the file name)

Got questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Casper

Webshipper guide

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This guide is mostly about creating orders.

If you have your webshop integrated with Webshipper you can safely read about these topics
custom orders || order is created || edit an order || cancel an order || my order is locked || lock an order || automatically lock an order



Type in your login credentials.

Webshipper has sent a mail when the user was created where you must create a password before you can log in.

************ FTP – the new black ************

You can transfer files to us via FTP.

If you haven't received a mail with this information please contact

With this method you can easily upload new files, update existing ones and upload files for custom orders.

FTP-guide can be found here.

Create order


Order number / reference
a reference for the order. ID from your order system en reference til ordren – evt ordrenummer fra eget ordresystem, modtagernavn eller andet du kan bruge for at identificere ordren

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

The order may not be visible for us if reference is empty

is the currency that was used to buy the order

Here you type in the information of the customer
Phone number is required by DHL to send the order – if this can't be acquired you can type in your own phone number as a last resort.

If there is no phone number on the order there may be an extra charge on the shipment.

If possible, please make sure that a mobile phone number is used as DHL send text messages to the customer.

VAT number is not required for B2C or B2B orders

Order lines

type in if relevant. If your printfiles are named like SKU, this is relevant.

Description: Name of the product, type, and size (example: ”product_name-50x70cm” or
”Frame, black oak - 50x70”)
You also type in papertype if it is to be printed on a different paper than the type you get printed on by default

********** NOTICE: quantity should NOT be in the description **********

Quantity / qty:
quantity that should be sent

only use this field if you have an agreement of this

Tarif number / HS code:
Leave this empty unless you have your own HS code to type in.

Country of origin:
has to be DK / Denmark (do not change)

Unit price:
Your saleprice per unit (the price the customer has paid for this item)

Discounted unit price
not mandatory.

Vat rate:
can remain 0, as long as the total amount is enteres in "unit price"

is changed automatically upon order creation. If you can't select a shipping method, try changing this to "5" instead of "1000".


Here you select the shipping method to be used.
If no options is available, check that you have selected a country for the receipient.
If you have many products, try lowering the weight to 5 grams and see if that helps.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send automatic should be left unmarked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


External comment
Could be comments from the customer to the carrier, customers wishes for how to frame the posters or similar.

Internal comment
notes to us, how to pack the order (if this should be done in a special way), information about the order (wholesale orders) or other information from you to us.

CUSTOM orders/testprints

Order number can be almost anything you want.

When you order prints you haven't uploaded to your default folder on our server (usually testprints), these can be uploaded to the folder "custom" and then in a subfolder named same as the order number/reference.
NOTE: When uploading new files for sale on your website, upload the to the root of your folder.

There are several ways to send us files for testprints.

  • Send the files directly to with order number as subject. This is only if you do not have access to FTP
  • Upload and share via WeTransfer** This is only if you do not have access to FTP
  • Upload files directly to the server

WeTransfer** Here you type in order reference as a comment or subject to the transfer. If the new print is not a test print, this should be stated in the message in the transfer.

************ FTP – the new black ************

You can upload your files directly via FTP.
If you do not have access to this yet, please contact

When placing a custom order the print files should be located in the subfolder ”custom”/”_custom” and a subfolder for this named the same as order nuber/reference.

The order itself
It is important that the filenames/product name is typed in correctly on the order lines as well as the size.
Quantity is to be typed in the quantity field of each order line.

When the order is created

Is my order processed?
When you have created your order it will have the status “Afventer”/”Pending”.
If the status icon is black it means that your order is locked and you have to unlock it before we can handle the order.

When the order has a green checkmark in "order slip printed" it means we are currently processing your order.

If you have any questions about your orders please contact us at

Changing an order
If you need to edit your order this must be done before the order slip is printed.

On the overview you can see if the order slip is printed or not.

If the order slip is not printed:

Image showed is in Danish
Notice: In column ”Følgeseddel printet” there is a x-mark in a red colour.
Order may be edited

When this icon changes the order may no longer be edited!

If the order slip is printed the icon will appear as such:

Image showed is in Danish
Notice: In column ”Følgeseddel printet” there is a checkmark in a green colour.
The order may not be edited!

!! Changes made after the order slip has been printed may not be applied to the order !!

How do I edit an order?

You edit the order by going to the order you want to edit and click on "Actions" -> "Edit order"

Image showed is in Danish

Here you can change customer info, products, shipping method and apply comments for the order.
Notice: comments from you to Novictus should be entered in "Internal comment"

Now click on ”Update order

Cancel an order

Follow the guide to edit an order and set status to "Cancelled"

Now click on ”Update order”.

Important note!!!

If the order slip is printed, you might still be billed for the print.
Contact and inform us that the order is cancelled and we will do what we can to remove the order so you don't get charged for a print.

My order is locked, what do I do?

If your order is locked there is always a reason.

You may have an agreement to lock all orders when they're loaded into Webshipper upon creation.
In this case you need to unlock the order before we can process it and send it.

We do not process locked orders.

Unlock the order

To unlock an order you need to go to the order in question. In the top you click "Actions" and then "Unlock order".
You can also click the "Unlock order" in the bar at the top of the page when you are on the order.

Lock and order

Go the the order in question and click on "Actions" and then "Lock order".

If the order slip was not printed we will now leave the order alone and it will not be processed unless you unlock it again.

This works like havin an order ”on hold”.

Can I have certain orders locked without locking them myself?

In most cases the answer is ”yes”.

In this case you will have to reach out to Casper,, who can help set this up.

In some cases it may require too much and if you want this anyway it will come with a monthly fee.
In general there will not be any fee on the service.

WooCommerce to Webshipper guide

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Read the entire guide before you create or set up anything

What is integration?

Integration is (very basic) a way for two services to communicate together.

In this case the communication will be between your webshop and Webshipper.

How do I set up the integration?

The integration is set up through REST API in WooCommerce.
These keys is added via:

WooCommerce -> settings -> Advanced -> REST API

This can usually be found here (direct link, change "your-website.ext" with your own website URL):

Insert your website domain and the link will take you directly to the REST API key section where you can create a new key.

REST API requirements

The key need read/write permissions in order to function properly.

What is being communicated - and when?

There will be communication to and from your WooCommerce.

Webshipper will fetch orders with a specific order status. This can be one of the following:

  • pending
  • processing
  • completed
  • webshipper
  • on hold
  • lager

Two of these are ”custom status” (lager and webshipper).
These can be created by either code or a plugin.

Orders with the selected status will be loaded to and visible in Webshipper and is important to know upon integration of your WooCommerce Webshop.

When an order has the status you select the order and all info to this order is transferred to Webshipper.
This includes:

  • Customer information (name, address, phone, email and other relevant info (both billing- og shipping adresse))
  • Order lines (including attributtes/variations – more of that later)
  • Selected shipping method

When the order is processed and the shipping is created Webshipper will communicate this information to WooCommerce and the order status will be updated to "complete".

What is attributes/variations?

This is usually used for size options, with or without frame and other selections the customer has made while selecting what product to buy.

Some WooCommerce webshops is set up to show the selected variations on the order line while others only show the values in meta-data.
Because of that it is important we have all values transferred to Webshipper so we don't miss a frame if the customer has selected one for the poster.

How do I find this?

Attributtes belong to products and are located in:
Products -> Attributes

This can usually be found here (direct link, change "your-website.ext" with your own website URL):

Insert your website domain and the link will take you directly to the page where you find attributes

Found it, now what?

You can just make a screenshot of these values and send them along with the other information we need.

You can also send the values in writing instead, but for most a screenshot will be the easier solution.

What should I send?

When you have created your REST API key you should send:

  • The two keys for the REST API (remember read/write permissions)
  • Website URL
  • Product-attributtes
  • Status for the orders to be transfereed to Webshipper

Send all information to

Shopify to Webshipper guide

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This is currently under maintenance

Regret, return and refund

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We do not send return shipping in the packages to the recipient. This is to reduce the chance of the customer returning.

If you need return shipping via our GLS or DHL, this will be added to the monthly invoice - a few exceptions, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

By default, the return address is set to be our address - Kalkgravsvej 10, Herringløse, 4000 Roskilde
We can, via our agreement, also create return shipping to your address instead of ours.

To change the address before the order is sent see Change address

Inquiries about return shipping should be directed to or
Deadline for return is defined by yourself to the end customer - in case of incorrectly received product it is a complaint (30 days from receipt)

The customer wants to return the order

If the customer regrets

If the customer has only bought posters and no frame, then our recommendation is to have the posters sent to yourself.
We can not credit posters as we do not stock. If you get it sent to yourself, you can therefore use the poster to send out to a new customer or use for an influencer or similar.

If you want to create shipping through us, we just need to be notified, and we will create return shipping to the address you want it sent to.

The customer has purchased a frame or a framed poster

In these cases, we can credit the frame(s). We can not credit the posters.

You can still choose to have it shipped to your own address if preferred.

The customer will have exchanged his product

If the customer has purchased a poster without a frame, our recommendation is to have the posters sent to you and let us send a new one.
Unfortunately, we can not do this without extra charge, neither with nor without a frame.

If the customer has only ordered a frame

Here we can resend a new frame and you only pay for the shipping when we have received the originally received frame back to our warehouse.

The return shipping itself

Whether return shipping is through us or not is entirely up to you.


For all return shipping to our warehouse, we must be aware that something is on its way back to us **.
For this we must receive:

  • Tracking (preferably direct link to tracking)
  • Order number of the returned order
  • Which products are returned if it is not the whole order

** Exceptions include, but are not limited to: Uncollected packages from parcel shops, returns due to oversize

Change shipper/return address before the order is sent

If you have a pre-arranged agreement with us about having a second shipper address, here is how to change it

To do this you have to go to the given order.
When you are on the order:

  • Locate "sender" in the right hand side of you monitor
  • Click on edit
  • Click on the dropdown in the top of the modal that is now shown (if nothing appears when clicking, wait a few seconds and try again)
  • Select the alternative sender address

If an order is not collected from a pickup-point the order will be returned to the sender-address on the order.

If you want your orders to be sent to you it is important that you change this address before the order is sent.